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We tend to think that shortly after the Columbian voyages, Europeans began to understand the lands he explored as America, or as a fourth and separate continent. Much evidence, however, suggests that Europeans represented the Americas as as overlapping or contiguous with Asia.

Amerasian Visions: Marco Polo, Trust, and Global Geography in the Early Modern World

Elizabeth Horodowich

Proust’s skepticism about personal identity—his view that individuals comprise multitudes of distinct selves—seems a precarious basis for trustworthiness and responsibility.

Trust and contingency in Marcel Proust’s 'A la recherche du temps perdu'

Dr John Attridge

What are the skills and virtues that make for wisdom in entering, maintaining and exiting trust relations? 

Wise Trust

Dr Karen Jones

In Renaissance Italy, an age already anxious about the merits of trusting and of being trustworthy, those responsible for publishing texts in print needed to make new kinds of claims about the reliability of their books...

Print and Trust in Renaissance Italy

Prof Brian Richardson (Leeds)

The Trust Project

Professor Justin O’Brien
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